Monday, January 13, 2014

The Disney Parks Castles

Disneyland, CA
I recently got into a large discussion with this person on Instagram. I talked about how each castle was dedicated to its own princess. Now, not many might know whose castle belongs to who. So, with that being said, I plan to show not only the castles from around the world, but also to relay which castle belongs to which princess.

Hong Kong, China
Walt Disney World, Florida
Now, much to the surprise of myself, I looked further into which castle belonged to who and it seemed that not only the original park, Disneyland in California, the Disneyland Hong Kong was the same castle. It is said that they are almost exactly the same in construction and color, but only changed by the shades of color they put on the top of the castle.

Tokyo, Japan
Now, much like how the Disneyland Castle and the one in Hong Kong share a castle to a princess, the same happened with the one in Florida at Walt Disney World as well as the one in Toyko Disneyland. Sharing this one characteristic the two castles were dedicated to Cinderella. While being in the center of the park for both of the parks, this castle in particular also serves as the logo for the Walt Disney Company and its affiliates. The castle in Florida is much different to its counterpart though. Cinderella's Castle in the Year of a Million Dreams had become a place where you could sleep and enjoy the castle and look upon the park while you slept. The castle in Tokyo was much like the one in California where you could go through the castle and experience the story of Cinderella, but this ended in 2006.

Disneyland Paris
The last of the castles is in France. Formerly known as EuroDisney, Disneyland Paris has a castle which has been debated upon which was the castle and who it was dedicated to when they got to that point. The castle is dedicated to Sleeping Beauty. Though the castle is designed after the one in Sleeping Beauty, it is not known as 'her' castle. The castle is rumored to be dedicated to Belle and Beast's castle, but as stated, it is not the castle.

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