Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fantasmic 15th Anniversary

Well, sadly, I was not able to go, but at the Disneyland resort they use recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of one of their largest nighttime shows. Fantasmic! was made as a new attraction for people to show the power of imagination. It I one of the most interesting and legendary shows of Disney and has inspired many different versions of it around he world. I will have to register tot he Fantasmic 10th anniversary podcast from Disney, but I you can check it out, for you learn how Fantasmic! was made and how intricate the show is to put every night. For those who went, what was it like? Let us know in the comment section!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mater's Slip Up

Buzz Lightyear at CA Adventure

The Ship Columbia

I had the pleasure of finally going on the ship the Columbia which was definitely an experience. I liked being able to see all the parts of the ship that one would not see all the time. There is of course the joy of seeing what life was like on a colonial ship as some people made their way to the eastern seaboard, but there is also the fact that you could feel like what it would be like to be on a ship. Reminding me much too close of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.

It was a good experience and does allow to see some light on the Native American population and gives you a quick snippet of what their lives were like. I have to say I enjoyed seeing some of the minor things they put in, such as a child playing by a brook, and even the bald eagle animatronic on the port side of the ship.

This is something you may not do if you are visiting just for a day and don't come back for a few years, but for those who frequent this is a great attraction to ride.

Blue Bayou Restaurant

Well, about a month ago, I have the pleasure of having gone with friends who had reservations at the ever so hard to get into Blue Bayou Restaurant. I must say, the food was exceptional and in order to help pay for the food, as well as to keep us fed well, we split out meal. I was told all the food, even the kids macaroni and cheese was really well done. The steak was said to be very well done too. I had the ribs that were very delicious. The ribs also had come with it, unlimited bread, and a choice between salad or gumbo. The gumbo was completely delicious and those I was with said the salad was just as good.

As it was a friend's birthday we were also given their chocolate mousse which was equally as good and very delicious. The restaurant in my personal opinion is much more expensive than it needed to be. The cheapest meal was $33 which was stuffed mushroom and risotto. There are other more affordable and equally as good food found in New Orleans Square as well as other places such as the Plaza Inn on Main Street. But if you want that once in a lifetime experience, be their guest and go to the Blue Bayou! 

Change in Prices

Well, it is sad to say, and I was glad I got my pass before this happened, but Disneyland, though I am not sure of the other resorts in the world, have raised their prices. This is probably due to the final expansion and refurbishments on CA Adventure opening this coming June 15th.

Disney,whose prices were still large are now larger, and here are the following prices:

1 Day Ticket  - $87
1 Day Park Hopper - $125
2 Day 1 Park - $158
2 Day Parkhopper - $200

SoCal Select - $269
SoCal  - $329
Deluxe - $469
Premium - $649

Prices are much pricier than they used to be, so if you plan on going make sure to get a pass or to save up! For inside the park is just as expensive.

Annual Passholder!

Well, it is official. As of two weeks ago, I am now a Disneyland Passholder! I have been excited to get this for a while, and now, I am planning on giving better updates. I have been bad with keeping up with this for life has been kind of crazy, BUT! With that being said, I have been paying attention to lots of things with Disneyland and the small things you should try and get into if you are a passholder or frequent visitor. Be on the lookout!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Disneyland Trip!

Sorry, I've been SOOO MIA. I have been working hard on school and work, and life has been taking over...BUT! With that being said, I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow. I am looking forward to it, and I will see if I enjoy all of what this has to offer. Maybe i can get some good pics to send to you guys tomorrow!