Friday, January 10, 2014

The Beginning of an AVATAR themed land...

So, being out of the loop that I am, I am trying to explore all the different things about Disney and what are the new things coming about in the theme parks. It seems that Florida is having its big debut as the Disney Company broke ground in the Animal Kingdom to make the park "become an all day park". The transitions they said they are trying to bring to revamp the park is adding this new land which is based off the largest grossing movie in the world "AVATAR". Guests will be able to go to Pandora and ride some amazing attractions. Most of all, they will be able to see the beautiful plant life grow when night rolls around. It looks very exciting, and another reason I want to go to the parks!

The execs also make a hint that there is going to be a new nighttime show that will take place at the park as well!

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