Friday, November 5, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I read an article on Yahoo! about two months ago about the upcoming movie arriving this summer...I am praying it does not suck. From what I might. They couldn't shoot in the Caribbean, most stuff was recycled locations, just dressed differently, their budget was cut in half and then some, it just seems like it might not be the Pirates we all fell in love with. So, as much as I love the Pirates franchise and would love to have more, I am worried the fourth installment will make us wish it didn't exist. If it does, I may grow to love it in time, but more than likely I may not like it. There are many movies that people hate and I love, but perhaps this will be the exception...I will definately be looking into the movie, and if it premieres at Dland, I may just show up...I was at the last one, so why not this one?

Disney Book

Well, for my birthday in August, my friend knew how much of a Disney freak I was and bought me this book. I read it cover to cover in about an hour, and it has some awesome info.

Some of the info some of us know from our scowering around the internet, and other info is pretty interesting. Like "duck duty" is when a Cast Member is in a costume, and have to change shifts every couple hours to avoid heat exhaustion. It is a great book and I think every Dland fan should get it!

Disney Audition

Okay, so I am trying to just spurt out stuff now haha. About a month and a half ago, i auditioned to be a character at Hong Kong Disney! Didn't make it, but hey, not everyone can dance okay? I can act (enough I was comfortable to audition), but apparantly dancing is more important. I'm not upset or anything...

ANYWAYS! It was a fun experience. I was there with 217 other people, and I now feel bad for the Cast Members who have to hear the same song over and over...I heard the same clip over 100 times and the clip was only 15 seconds...

Anyways, the audtion process is interesting. I checked in, got a number, and they teach the routine in about 20 min. Then, in groups of 4, you audition in front of at least 7 people. Then, at the end, they tell you who can stay and who can go. It was kind of like American Idol's audition (did that too) most people don't make it...STAY TUNED!

Disneyland In ONE WEEK!

Okay, so after a long anticipated wait, I am going to Disneyland next Friday! I have missed it so much. I always try and go for Downtown Disney or something like that, but it hasn't happened in a while. So, I am excited to go back. BUT! I am even more excited cause I am using my volunteer for a day get a disney day ticket FINALLY! I have heard about what they do when you go in, but no one has a real answer...guess I will find out...stay tuned!


Well, I have been the worst post since March...well, I am hoping I can get back into this...haha.