Monday, March 8, 2010

The Dark Alice In Wonderland

I think it is only fitting to start off with the recent in the collection of the Walt Disney films, and that is Tim Burton's interpretation of Alice In Wonderland. This Sunday I had the opportunity to see this movie, not only see it, but in the phenomenon that is 3-D.

Well, upon seeing this movie, I have mixed feelings. I will not reveal major plot points, but be warned that I may speak of things that may slip, so as they say, SPOILER ALERT!
Alice in Wonderland starts off with her being almost 20 years old and she has nightmares of Wonderland, of course in this movie they call the land Underland. The reason for Alice's return is they need her help in stopping the Red Queen. Now as for these characters, it was obviously driven to make the Mad Hatter a larger character. Which in this movie was only slightly confusing. His character was explained in a very Burton way, and in doing so, allowed us to see some deeper side to the Hatter's madness. Though I have to say, the line that you could count as being the most said was, "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"
Now, this movie, as I said gave me mixed reviews, for it was a movie that sort of could have been a way for the story to be a sequel, but it was more action than the wackiness that is the Wonderland in Lewis Carroll's novels. So, in my opinion, I would give the movie 4 stars, 8/10, a decent movie, but not one that is Alice In Wonderland, but of course this is my opinion, you all could have totally different ideas.
Those of you who have seen it, what did you think of this movie?

The Beginning

Hello all, my pen name is Riley Salgado and will be using that name to sign off of with you guys. Now, as you can probably tell, this is a blog that will be about Disneyland. I have loved Disneyland since I was little. Being a person with severe motion sickness, Disneyland has been my place to go and be able to go to a theme park without wanting to get sick. Besides that, I have been a Disney fanatic for a long time, for the songs of the movies have moved me, as well as the movies themselves. I have recently aquired the taste of looking at the old movies and taking in the art that had gone into these movies. How much time and artistic design it had taken. I find it fascinating.

So, with this blog I hope to journey with you on the Disney movies, songs, theme parks (especially Disneyland) and relive the magic that they bring us even at home. I am hoping to bring this blog to life once a week if I can do it. I am a busy person as we all are, so I can only be human :). I may even update more than once depending on my inspiration. I just want this to be as interactive and interesting as possible, so without further ado. Let Disney reign!