Thursday, March 29, 2012


This is such a great show, and I have only ever got to see it a couple times, and the music has captivated me so much that when I go to Disneyland next Thursday (yes a week from today) I will be buying the album most likely. But I have to say as a person who has seen the show in California all my life, I have been watching the Florida one and I have to say music wise, I love it the most. But the most interesting of all the Fantasmic!s in my opinions would have to be the Tokyo Fantasmic! It is so good! I suggest taking a look at any of the Fantasmic! videos on YouTube, they are worth looking it up. Also nothing beats seeing it in person. I will be also hoping to see World of Color and get some better pics for my visit. Hope to see what I can get for you guys next week!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Disney Vacation Planning DVD

So, I ordered this DVD a while back and wanted to get it so I could see what it seems like in order to help us know more about the parks, and the perks you can get from the parks. I will be watching this DVD and dissecting it. Though many of these can be seen on their website, it will help you guys in finding out all you need to know about the parks. So, if you have any questions that are VERY general, I can try and answer them! Ranging from WDW to Disneyland, CA though in honesty, I know more about Disneyland, CA than WDW. If you also want to get your own DVD, visit: Disney Vacation Planning. Blog you all soon!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

California Adventure Expansion

As I have covered, the expansion is coming to a close, and California Adventure has kind of told us a lot about the park itself. I have always been a fan of this park, even though it has not had the greatest of reviews. What I have learned is that California Adventure has sort of turned into the theme park all about Pixar. Not that I can complain, but with the Bug's Life land, the new Cars Land, Toy Story Mania, the Up! characters in the Redwood Forest trail, as well as Monsters Inc. with other Pixar characters in the parades. But like I said, I am not complaining, Pixar has proven its worth here in the Disney world. So if you can't fully grasp how great California Adventure is, take a look at the video.

Neon Signs for Cars Land

As we know, we are coming to the opening of California Adventure's Cars Land is coming up VERY soon! As I said, I will be attending this event -fingers crossed- that nothing stops me, but otherwise, I'm VERY excited for this. I recently rewatched Cars and all the announcements from a press conference last year about the park, and I am excited for it alot! I may post the video and give you the highlights so you don't have to see the whole thing or you can look it up on YouTubCars Land seems to be coming together very well with the inspiration of the movie and actual Route 66.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Sunrise

I saw this video on YouTube and thought it was amazing and beautiful at the same time. Take a look!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Magic of Bonus Features

I just have to say, that the bonus features in each of the Disney DVD's are what is wonderful about any Disney historian or any Disney fanatic like myself. These bonus features are what I draw from for my posts, and it is these bonus features that draw it all the more interesting. These historians helped bring the old memories back to life. For examples, there are dictorians who stayed at each of the Disney movie meetings, and what they said about each of these. These are interesting and allow you to understand how Walt worked. But if you wanted to know more about these movies, take the time to listen to these interviews. Though these movies are the reason why you buy them, the thing that is the most interesting is the interviews itself.

So that is my advice to you today, just pop in the bonus features and have some fun.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Opening of Cars Land

Alright, I've decided that I am going to go to the opening of Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure which is set to open on June 15, 2012. Along with the reopening of the Matterhorn, this new land will be open and also the new plaza for the main entrance. It shall be an interesting day. So I have marked my calender, I hope to give you all lots of pictures and maybe even some video if I can get it! Look forward to that!

Villain of the Month

Alright for this month, I chose to honor Maleficent. She is one of the most iconic of the Disney villains aside from the Evil Queen and Ursula. Her transformation is one of the most powerful works of animation, and is also one of the most bone chilling, and biggest fights a villain put until Ursula, who made herself larger. The dragon is a symbol of the Disney villains and continues to be one of the most popular villains to be seen around more of Walt Disney World, but can be seen nightly on the show Fantasmic! Where she turns into the historic dragon, and breaths fire upon the Rivers of America.

Tell us here why you think Maleficent is such a great villain! Also, who would you like to see as April's villain?