Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Though it came out last week, Beauty and the Beast is back in theaters in Disney Digital 3D!

Top 3 Disney Movies Of the Moment

Well, this is my first post in 2012! Sorry it has taken so long guys. I have been super busy and haven't had a chance to do any posts. But! I will say that I have been watching lots of Disney movies in that time. I am especially into watching the older Disney movies. So, my top 3 older Disney movies of the moment are:

1. 101 Dalmations - such a classic. the music, the characters, everything was so well done, and was actually the first animated movie to incorporate Xerox and partial live action. Such as the cars, especially Cruella's were all live action. So, just a great movie in general.

2. Dumbo - Though I was not a fan at first, it has become one of my favorites right now. The production on Dumbo was so well done. Despite not getting alot of revenue from the movie, it was a great one and was one that Walt Disney liked as well as the animators who were some of the last of the greats who worked on that film.

3. Alice In Wonderland - The music is great, the concept art by Mary Blair is stunning. The songs are memorable, and it is interesting to note that Walt Disney wanted this to be the first Disney animated film, but until Mary Blair's drawings they could not decide on how to make it.

So those are my three choices. I hope to get more posts up soon!