Sunday, December 19, 2010

Disneyland Chaos

A while back, like last month, I said I was going to Disneyland, and I did, but I will tell you, I was never more saddened to have gone that day in my life. Though it was the only day that could fit into our busy schedules, it was the worst possible day to go. It was the day after the Holiday Season had began, and it was a madhouse after inside. My brother and I only got to ride 5 rides in the whole day, and one of the attractions we went to was INNOVENTIONS, and no offense to those, but I don't like that place at all. Anyways, Pirates was spectacular as always, Haunted Mansion is always a favorite, my mother saw Pirates Lair for the first time and she enjoyed it, I took the train, an attraction I usually dismiss. It isn't I don't like the train, I just find it to be faster by foot, other than to wait for one of the two trains that travels the park. I went on it's a small world, for I had never seen it when they had it dressed for the holidays, though that line was attrocious (sp?) as always. Autopia, always the same, but enjoyable at the same time...and the Jungle Cruise always a nice ride to go on when lines are too long, for the Jungle Cruise is never long =). That was the end of my trip basically. I saw the snow fall on Main Street, and it was so annoying about the crowds that we left at about 6pm when usually we stay until at least 9. I have to say, not one of the finer trips, but it was fun to be out with the family none the less. I hope that my next trip (hopefully to CA Adventure) will be more interesting. Until then, there is my status report, and my lesson or message to convene to you...DONT GO ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Part 2!

Okay, so i haven't been on again, -slaps wrists-. sorry, been a busy couple of months. i wanted to touch on the new Pirates trailer that was just released. I am actually quite relieved about it, and I thought that the movie was going to stink and I was going to hate it, but from what I have seen, it looks pretty true to the other movies in terms of story and in how the characters are portrayed. There are somethings I am a little skeptic of, such as the including of zombies, and also how Blackbeard is the most "feared of all pirates". Now, I find that statement to be untrue, for Davy Jones is my favorite character and he was supposed to be the most feared of all pirates. But we shall see. The movie, though based on a book, seems to possibly only be following that point, but I am interested in it, so I may buy the book "On Stranger Tides" before the movie's release on May 20, 2011. Lets see shall we?