Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mickey and the Magical Map - New Additions

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I don't know if this is a recent addition, or it was added in December of 2013, since I am an avid supporter of this show at the park. I love this show, and someone who has studied every movement of that show, soundtrack, everything (trust me, I see when things go wrong now, and if actors are being unprofessional, *like today*) and there are two changes that I saw in the show that they added.

The first, when the Lilo and Stitch portion of the show comes up, they have now added a Stitch character who comes on stage and acts how Stitch would in the situation. It is a really fun portion to watch as he dances as well.

The second change is that at the end of the show, Mickey reappears not in his apprentice attire as he is in the whole show, he changes to look like the rest of the cast.

Not huge changes, but changes that add to the show and make it that much better. Make sure you check the show out! They do it everyday at the parks!

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